Won't You Join The Military?

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Won't You Join The Military?
Episode Plate Info
Episode Category Nyan-Nyan's Poster Girl
Unlockable Nyan-Nyan China (Minmay)
Attribute Love.png Love
Stat Distribution Medium Voice and Charm with high Life, Support, and Fold Waves
Note Boosts None
Center Skill Voice Up
Active Skill Recovery
Live Skill Lax Timing
Availability Deculgacha
Compatibility Freyja
Macross Episode Info
Series Super Dimensional Fortress Macross
Episode # 5 - Transformation
Timestamp N/A

あなたは軍に入らないの? (あなたはぐんにはいらいの? Anata wa gun ni hairanai no? Eng: Won't You Join The Military?) is a 5☆ episode plate depicting Minmay's suggestion for Hikaru to join the U.N. Spacey as a fighter pilot.

Plate Info

Plate Stats
Total Soul Voice Charm Life Support Fold Wave Note Boosts Luck
Initial 1378 275 561 542 211 152 149 None 0
Max 3050 608 1220 1222 439 152 149 None 25

Plate Skills and Ranking
Type Skills Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Center Voice Up 30% 35% 40% 50% 60%
Active Recovery 25% life 30% life 35% life 40% life 50% life
Live Lax Timing 3 seconds 4 seconds 6 seconds 8 seconds 10 seconds
Live Skill Trigger
65 seconds have passed
Live Skill Compatibility
Freyja.png Kaname.png Sheryl.png Basara.png Minmay.png

Episode Plate Summary
Minmay takes a confronting tone, going against Hikaru's inability to fight.
"Airplanes are your dream, aren't they?" -Minmay


After being rescued from being stranded in an inhabited section of the Macross' interior, Minmay and Hikaru adjust to their new lives on the refugee establishment inside the Macross. Minmay finds her new purpose working at her family restaurant and gaining popularity with the soldier who visit. Hikaru on the other hand, has lost his treasured plane and was also feeling like he was losing Minmay's affections as well. The two venture out into a nearby park, where she asks if he would regain his dream and purpose in life if he joined the military as a pilot.


A solid defensive plate with high life, support, fold waves, and defensive skills that are available regardless of its placement in a unit. Unfortunately, the emphasis on defensive skills, and non-Total stats means this plate does little to nothing for player's score other than contributing stats. This plate will probably end up being set aside by players who don't need what it has to offer.