Welcome to Walkure World

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Welcome to Walküre World
Welcome to Walküre World.png
Welcome to Walküre World2.png
Episode Plate Info
Episode Category Ready For The Audition
Unlockable Strahl (Freyja)
Attribute Star.png Star
Stat Distribution Balanced total with Very high Life
Note Boosts None
Center Skill Life Up
Active Skill Recovery
Live Skill Combo Control
Availability Mission reward
Login reward
Compatibility All divas
Macross Episode Info
Series Macross Delta
Episode # 2 - Ready For The Audition
Timestamp N/A

Welcome to Walküre World is a 5☆ episode plate depicting Freyja's audition. This plate can be received by every player starting the game and will usually end up being their first 6☆ plate.

Plate Info

Plate Stats
Total Soul Voice Charm Life Support Fold Wave Note Boosts Luck
Initial 944 309 314 321 284 133 132 None 0
Max 2102 707 688 707 596 133 132 None 25

Plate Skills and Ranking
Type Skills Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Center Life Up 10% 12% 14% 16% 20%
Active Recovery 25% life 30% life 35% life 40% life 50% life
Live Combo Control 2 seconds 3 seconds 4 seconds 5 seconds 8 seconds
Live Skill Trigger
25 seconds have passed
Live Skill Compatibility
Freyja.png Mikumo.png Kaname.png Makina.png Reina.png Ranka.png Sheryl.png Mylene.png Basara.png Minmay.png

Episode Plate Summary
After successfully passing the splendid Walküre's final audition, Freyja becomes a member.

"Welcome to Walküre World." -Mikumo


The episode plate, while it is not an exact frame from Macross Delta, is based on the scene where Freyja is unknowingly taking part in the final secret phase of her audition for Walküre. Believing she had failed the audition, she takes the train back to the city pondering on what to do next when a sudden Var Syndrome outbreak places Frejya and the other passengers in danger. Pinned down and in the middle of a crisis, Freyja manages to musters her courage and sing. The trauma from the situation amplified her fold wave readings and her ability to face danger confirmed that she had the potential to become Walküre's newest member. The passengers then reveal themselves as actors and Walküre members and formally announce that Freyja had passed the audition and bestow to Freyja her Strahl outfit.


The weakest 5☆ plate in the game in terms of Total stats, but this plate also has one of the highest Life values in the 5☆ pool. Everyone is guaranteed 2 copies of this plate from the debut missions and logging into the game for the 7th day. This plate is inexpensive to upgrade compared to the rest of the 5☆ plates since this episode plate is designed to be a starter plate. However, the skills that come with this plate clearly only assist players who are new to the game don't make up any ground in scoring once they improve and get better. At a certain point, even 4☆ uncapped plates will provide more utility and scoring potential than Welcome to Walküre World. Players should quickly upgrade this plate and use it, but be prepared to quickly toss it aside once they have rolled or obtained better plates.