Singing Is Love

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Singing Is Love
Episode Plate Info
Episode Category Lead Hacker Reina
Unlockable Strahl (Reina)
Attribute Love.png Love
Stat Distribution High Charm
Note Boosts None
Center Skill Life Up
Active Skill Recovery
Live Skill Recovery
Availability Deculgacha
Compatibility Freyja
Macross Episode Info
Series Macross Delta
Episode # 1 - Prologue To The Battlefield
Timestamp 13:26

歌は愛 (うたはあい Uta ha ai Eng: Singing Is Love) is a 5☆ episode plate depicting Reina's costume change into her Strahl outfit.

Plate Info

Plate Stats
Total Soul Voice Charm Life Support Fold Wave Note Boosts Luck
Initial 1286 369 246 671 133 147 136 None 0
Max 2853 793 556 1504 284 147 136 None 25

Plate Skills and Ranking
Type Skills Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Center Life Up 20% 24% 28% 32% 40%
Active Recovery 25% life 30% life 35% life 40% life 50% life
Live Recovery 12% life ??% life ??% life 20% life 25% life
Live Skill Trigger
When the player's life falls below 40%
Live Skill Compatibility
Freyja.png Makina.png Reina.png Ranka.png

Episode Plate Summary
The catchphrase of the Walkure member, Reina Prowler. She hacked Xaos in the past, but is now established with them after they bought out her abilities and services.


The episode plate is from the generic scene where Reina shifts into her Strahl outfit.


Outside of its high charm stats, this plate doesn't excel at anything else other than massive life boosts and recovery skills for practicing harder difficulties. On top of having a poor combined total compared to other 5☆ plates, this plate will find itself quickly shafted aside for better 5☆ plates if it isn't on a high charm or love-based team with its lack of scoring skills and nothing to make up for it. Players should not even bother giving this plate any lucky leaf upgrades. This plate offers so little in terms of scoring potential that waiting on the possibility of rolling better plates would do more justice than making short-term lucky leaf improvements on this plate.