Nyan-Nyan's Poster Girl (episode plate)

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Nyan-Nyan's Poster Girl
Episode Plate Info
Episode Category Nyan-Nyan's Poster Girl
Unlockable Nyan-Nyan China (Minmay)
Attribute Love.png Love
Stat Distribution Medium Soul and Charm with high Life and Support
Note Boosts None
Center Skill Love Plates Up
Active Skill Damage Reduction
Live Skill Score Up
Availability Deculgacha
Compatibility Freyja
Macross Episode Info
Series Super Dimensional Fortress Macross
Episode # 5 - Transformation
Timestamp N/A

娘々の看板娘 (にゃんにゃんのかんばんむすめ Nyan nyan no kanbanmusume Eng: Nyan-Nyan's Poster Girl) is a 5☆ episode plate depicting Minmay's family reopening their family restaurant on the Macross.

Plate Info

Plate Stats
Total Soul Voice Charm Life Support Fold Wave Note Boosts Luck
Initial 1430 562 290 578 190 152 132 None 0
Max 3143 1255 618 1270 429 152 132 None 25

Plate Skills and Ranking
Type Skills Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Center Love Plates Up 14% 16% 20% 25% 30%
Active Damage Reduction 50% reduction for 8 seconds 50% reduction for 10 seconds 50% reduction for 12 seconds 50% reduction for 14 seconds 50% reduction for 20 seconds
Live Score Up 25% increase in 4 seconds 30% increase for 5 seconds 35% increase for 7 seconds 40% increase for 9 seconds 50% increase for 12 seconds
Live Skill Trigger
30 seconds have passed
Live Skill Compatibility
Freyja.png Makina.png Ranka.png Minmay.png

Episode Plate Summary
Minmay wears a Chinese dress as the poster girl of the Chinese restaurant "Nyan-Nyan". Her bright, carefree smile was healing for those who visited the store.


The Macross makes an emergency fold warp and unintentionally takes the South Ataria Island and its sheltered inhabitants to the ends of the solar system. While the South Ataria residents and the Macross personnel have been able to relocate many buildings and infrastructure to a hollowed area inside the Macross' interior, the people now are forced to deal with the situation at hand and reconstruct their homes in the Macross. Minmay and Hikaru in the meantime ended up trapped in another section of the Macross for more than a week until they were unintentionally discovered by the Macross residents. After being rescued from the grueling situation Minmay faced with Hikaru and almost giving up on survival, her perspective on life changes and her newfound optimism leads her to convince her Aunt and Uncle to fix up and reopen Nyan-Nyan. The restaurant would become a popular place to eat for both residents and military personnel.


A great starter plate with high Total stats, high life, and support. This plate will give starting players a great edge in playing and learning the game while veterans gain a great supporting plate. As a main center plate, it's center skill is strong, but too specific to be use optimally. Combined with it's Damage Reduction active, this plate as a main center plays a greater role in protecting players than improving scores. By the time players have assembled a full team of Love attribute plates, it is likely that a better main center candidate would be used instead. However, this plate Score Up active skill makes it a fantastic supporting plate that provides plentiful Total stats and extra Support stats to make up for plates that lack it. This plate can be flexible for whatever phase players may be at in terms of time spent on the game and can make smooth transitions to any phase.