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Home Menu Screen

This is the home screen where Divas interact with the player. During special events and occasions, the diva may have special quotes and messages for the player.
The Bottom Menu Bar

  • Home - Home Menu. While redundant in the home menu itself, it can be used in any other menu to immediately take the player back to the home menu.
  • Units - Players can make changes to their unit formation, upgrade episode plates, and change outfits their divas are wearing.
  • Dimensional Memories - Players can venture through different dimensions and learn about the Macross Universe while unlocking new songs in the process.
  • LIVE - Play songs.
  • Gacha - The gacha menu where players can draw new plates.
  • Missions - The list of missions that provide rewards to players for completing them.
  • Menu - The extended menu screen for more technical and miscellaneous settings for playing the game.

Other Home Menu Buttons

  • Dressing Room - Players can change the current diva on the home menu and the outfits their divas are wearing.
  • Zoom In - Pressing this button eliminates the UI and hides the home screen diva to show a full screen background of the player's currently equipped episode plates.
  • Event Banner Space - During events, pressing on the event banner in this area will take players straight to the event page.
  • SNS - View messages between the characters and learn more about them through super dimensional texting. An exclamation mark is displayed when the player has new unread messages.
  • Presents - Collect Presents from daily login, campaigns, events, and missions. Any song gem rewards from missions and events will automatically appear in the present box. An exclamation mark is displayed should the player have any uncollected presents.
  • Friends - Accept, send, and manage friend requests. An exclamation mark is displayed if the player has new friends or friend requests.

Dressing Room

The dressing room is where players may change the appearance of their divas to different outfits unlocked by episode plates.
Players may also pinch and flick the screen to respectively zoom in/out and to rotate the idol.

Diva Selection


Outfit Selection

Players may hide the UI to get a better view of the outfits available for the selected diva.


While collecting presents is typically a painless process, players who cannot read Japanese should be aware of gift that may have expiration dates.
When it comes to expiration and time remaining, pay attention for the following characters:

  • 無期限 - Indefinite or no expiration
  • - Days
  • - Hours
  • - Minutes

All collected gifts will show up in the collection history for reference.



  • Friends List - Displays the list of friends and their currently equipped badge, main diva, and main episode plate.
    • The left number paired with the exclamation mark is the number of befriended players since the player has last viewed the list. Upon viewing the friends list, this number will go back to 0.
    • The right numbers show how many current friends the player has relative to the allotted maximum friends allowed.
  • Received Friend Requests - Displays a list of other players who want to add you to the their list of friends.
    • Like the regular friends list, the left number shows the number of new requests since the player has last checked their list of received friend requests. The number will reset back to 0 upon viewing the list.
    • The right number is the total number of received friend requests.
  • Sent Friend Requests - Shows the list of friend requests the player has made to others that have yet to receive a response.
    • The number shows the number of friend requests still awaiting responses. The player can use this to keep tabs on their ongoing requests.
  • Search For Friends - Allows for manual input of user IDs to send friend requests to specific players.

Friends List


Recieved Friend Requests


Sent Friend Requests


Search for Friends

Players can use the ID search functions to manually look up players to make friend requests with. If the search is successful, then their player info will be displayed below.
Should the ID search fail to return a valid player, the list will display a notification that no player was found.

Player ID Search

Players can type in another player's ID into the bottom input box. The option to copy the player's own ID is available to send their ID over a text message.

Extended Menu

The extended menu contains more technical and aesthetic settings that can be configured by the player or references that can be accessed for more information on the game.
The following options are in the extended menu:

  • Profile - The player profile that contains player statistics and information that can be customized by the player.
  • Item List - The current inventory count of all the player's stones and crystals.
  • Event Ranking Information - Currently not completely implemented.
  • Titles - Players can view earned badges and choose which badge to display to other players.
  • Game Settings - Menu where players can modify game settings.
  • Help - In-game references for players to read for advice and technical definitions. Completely useless for those who cannot read Japanese.
  • Notification Settings - Menu where players can modify notification settings.
  • FAQ - Takes the player to the JP wiki page containing the most frequently asked questions.
  • In-game Currency - Players who have spent money on micro-transactions can view their song gem distribution.
  • Redownload Game Data - Redownloads game data in the case the player has cleared their cache or has corrupt data.
  • Data Migration - Services that allow the player to back up their user data for migrating devices or other emergencies.
  • Give Feedback - Players can give developers feedback about the game (in Japanese).
  • Contact Us - Players can contact support regarding issues they may have (in Japanese).
  • Other Information and External Sites - Submenu containing information and websites on other Macross media and legal notices.
  • Return to Title Screen Log out of the game and return to the title screen.


The player profile contains player statistics and introductory information that can be viewed by other players.
Player profiles are split into 3 tabs:

  • Macross Report - Statistics about the player's song clears and accumulated achievements over their time spent on the game.
  • Main Plate - The player's current center plate equipped onto their center diva.
  • Player Info - Simple player information such as their user name, introductory comments, title, and center diva.

Player Profile

Players can change the comment, title, username, and their current center diva.

Badge Menu


Macross Report


Game Settings

The game settings are split into 3 categories each with a particular focus:

  • Live settings - Settings specific for live performances.
  • Menu settings - Settings specific for menus and navigating among the UI.
  • Other settings - Other settings that have more to do with hardware than the game itself.

Live Settings


Advanced Graphics Settings


Menu Settings


Other Settings


Notification Settings


Other Info Menu