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Uta Macross Info
Attribute Life.png Life
Length 92 seconds
Stage Boss Large Vajra
Series Macross Frontier
Unlock Condition Unlocked by default
Level Cap Song Diamond Crevasse
Live Features
  • Solo Live
  • Unit Live (Duo)
Difficulty Levels
Easy 3
Normal 9
Hard 14
Very Hard 19
Extreme 25
Hard+ N/A
Very Hard+ N/A
Extreme+ N/A
Song Info and Credits
Artist Sheryl Nome starring May'n &
Ranka Lee = Megumi Nakajima
Year 2008
Lyrics Gabriela Robin
Composition Yōko Kanno
Arrangement Yōko Kanno

ライオン (Raion lit. Lion?) is the second opening theme to Macross Frontier used from episode 18 and onward [note 1]. The song is also used as an insert in the first Macross Frontier movie. It was the third song to receive the Unit Live feature.

In-depth Info

Note Density
Difficulty 0-10 s 11-20 s 21-30 s 31-40 s 41-50 s 51-60 s 61-70 s 71-80 s 81-90 s 91-100 s Total
Easy 9 11 9 9 17 19 15 17 13 2 121
Normal 17 18 16 18 25 26 22 27 21 1 191
Hard 27 33 34 35 40 47 48 43 39 2 348
Very Hard 39 51 66 53 70 63 63 63 59 8 535
Extreme 48 73 79 73 84 85 79 83 80 9 693
Valkyrie Mode Interval: 44 - 61 s

Level Cap Unlocking
Character Freyja Mikumo Kaname Reina Makina Ranka Sheryl Mylene Basara Minmay
Ranka Sheryl Mylene Minmay Basara Freyja Mikumo Kaname Makina Reina
Level Cap Song - Diamond Crevasse


  • Setting certain center divas and their costumes can yield different visuals on the stage when playing with solo live performances:
    • The most common; a counterpart diva appears on multiple screens on the stage singing along to certain parts (R for Ranka's parts and S for Sheryl's part in the original audio, respectively). These duo combinations were alluded by the SNS conversations of the Super Dimension Countdown Live '17 event:
      • Ranka wearing Starlit Lovely/Starlit MilkyR or Sheryl wearing Purple GalaxyS [1].
      • Mylene wearing Dynamite Rock/Dynamite BeatR or Basara wearing Explosion Rock/Explosion BeatS [2].
      • KanameR or MikumoS wearing Strahl [3].
    • Basara will generate red holograms of a lion Gubaba on the stage [2] with every other outfit that is neither Explosion Rock or Explosion Beat.
  • Setting certain center divas and their costumes can yield different visuals on the stage when playing with unit live performances:
    • The diva on the left doing Ranka's choreography will do her signature Kira! pose when not paired with Basara.
    • The diva in the center doing Sheryl's choreography will wink at the play at the end of the song when the lighting fades when not paired with Basara.
    • Having either Sheryl in her Purple Galaxy/Crossover Moon outfit or Ranka in Starlit Lovely/Starlit Milky/Crossover Star will fill the stage with triangle holograms.
  • Deploying Brera's VF-27γ will change the quotes he normally says throughout the song.


  1. Seikan Hikou was used as the opening in episode 17.


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