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For those who are unfamiliar with Japanese mobile games, this guide will give instructions on how to download the game and start playing Uta Macross.



1. Visit the AppleID management page.
2. Create a new AppleID or log into an existing one that also is not being used for purchases and downloads in your native country.
3. Follow the procedure to create an account or change the account information and make sure Japan is selected as the country linked to the account.
4. Select None for a credit card type. You must still provide a valid Japanese billing address to prove you are a resident. Use Google maps as a reference to create a false address.
5. You can now log in and download Uta Macross and other JP free apps in the Apple Appstore.

Android Installation

Through QooApp

1. Download the QooApp .apk file and install it onto your Android device. (<---Use the link because the app is NOT on Google Play)
2. Open QooApp and look for the Uta Macross: Smartphone Deculture app in the games section.
3. Tap the bottom option to install the app onto your Android device.

Re-rolling Accounts

Re-rolling is a common practice in mobile games, often called Rise-Mara (リセマラ) which is short for Reset Marathons in Japan. Due to the random nature of Gachas, some players will constantly start new games until they achieve the best possible outcome on their first free roll that usually occurs during or after a tutorial. This way re-rollers technically have control over their outcomes at the start of the game by ensuring that their first roll will eventually be a unit of high quality or simply their favorite unit. Game developers try and prevent this from occurring or mitigate its impact since re-rolling tends to add to server loads and can provide them with improper metrics of the actual amount of players playing the game. However, there are still ways to re-roll accounts, although they might not be practical in terms of time spent re-rolling.

In Uta Macross, the first single gacha roll that occurs in the tutorial is always fixed. Players who re-roll will often either collect all the Song Crystals from the present box and perform as many single rolls as possible or play the game until they have enough to perform the first discounted bulk roll.

iOS Method (Non-jailbroken)

iOS users do not have any special methods for re-rolling. If a player is unsatisfied with their account, a new one can be made by simply deleting and reinstalling the game. This often comes at the expense of enduring the initial downloading times and tutorial sequence that occur with every re-installation.

Android Method

1. Download the Root Browser app or alternative methods to access the internal Android file directory.
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