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The Xaos Exchange is a exchange and trading interface where players can exchange all kinds of currencies for different types of gifts, materials, and other rewards. Each category in the exchange accepts a different kind of currency and typically offer exclusive rewards that cannot be found in the other exchanges.

UC Exchange

The UC Exchange is the exchange that primarily takes Union Credits (UC). Given that UC is acquired by simply playing the game and participating in events, players that are not new to the game will usually find themselves easily able to buy whatever they want whenever they need it. Most items in the UC Exchange will appear in limited quantities, but their stock replenish every month. The UC Exchange offers S-LIVE tokens, SNS unlock tokens and gifts for raising the affection of Divas.

UC Exchange Contents

Item UC Cost Quantity Deadline
S-LIVE Token 1000 50 End of month
SNS Unlock Tokens 3000 Unlimited
Snazzy Ornament 15000 1 End of month
Large Snacks 15000 1 End of month
Rare Soundtrack 15000 1 End of month
Bronze Ornament 3000 5 End of month
Bite-sized Snacks 3000 5 End of month
Idea Notebooks 3000 5 End of month

Zodiac Exchange

The Zodiac Exchange is an exchange that takes zodiac medals. Zodiac Medals are an alternate currency used for purchases materials and episode plates. As implied by its name, the medals are named after the members of the Constellation Zodiac. The Zodiac Exchange offers upgrading materials and episode plates for players to gain access to unlockables that were once limited in previous events.

Acquiring Zodiac Medals

Each type of zodiac medal can only be earned in the month mostly associated with the astrological sign, but players will have a period of the same month plus 15 days of the next month to spend all the medals earned from that month. Any unused zodiac medals will go to waste after the deadline to spend them as passed. Zodiac medals can only be acquired by participating in events (with the exception of daily event songs and Miss Macross contests). Playing event songs while also making sure that the blue item note is tapped will give players a very small amount of Zodiac Medals. The bulk majority of the player's medal acquisition will come from completing event missions and reaching event point milestones. Those who strive to buy out both the 5☆ episode plates should be prepared to devote a lot of time to all of the events spanning in that month.

Zodiac Exchange Contents

Item Medal Cost Quantity
5☆ Plate of the month (1st Copy) 30000 1
5☆ Plate of the month (2nd Copy) 40000 1
4☆ Plate of the month 5000 2
3☆ Plate of the month 1000 2
Lucky Gemstone 30000 1
Lucky Mineral 7500 3
S-LIVE Token 100 30
5 Small XXX Crystals 500 Unlimited
5 Medium XXX Crystals 1000 10
5 Large XXX Crystals 2000 5
10 Small Melody Stones 100 Unlimited
10 Medium Melody Stone 200 20
10 Large Melody Stone 300 10
10 Small XXX Stone 200 Unlimited
10 Medium XXX Stone 400 20
10 Large XXX Stone 800 10
1000 Union Credits 100 Unlimited

Season Sphere Exchange

The Season Sphere Exchange is an exchange that takes seasonal spheres. The Season Sphere Exchange offers mainly upgrading materials, but they can only be earned by spending actual money on micro-transactions. Players will be given season spheres based on the package of song gems they buy to help compensate for the materials required for possible influxes of new plates.

Acquiring Season Spheres

As implied by its name, season spheres can only be earned in their respective season of spring, summer, fall, and winter. Players can spend them within the current season plus the extra 15 day grace period into the next season. Refer to the in-game shop for the amount of seasonal spheres included with each song gem package.

Season Sphere Exchange Contents

Item Sphere Cost Quantity
Lucky Gemstone 3000 5
Lucky Mineral 750 10
5 Small XXX Crystals 50 Unlimited
5 Medium XXX Crystals 100 Unlimited
5 Large XXX Crystals 200 Unlimited
10 Small Melody Stones 10 Unlimited
10 Medium Melody Stone 20 Unlimited
10 Large Melody Stone 30 Unlimited
10 Small XXX Stone 20 Unlimited
10 Medium XXX Stone 40 Unlimited
10 Large XXX Stone 80 Unlimited
1000 Union Credits 10 Unlimited