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This page contains common error messages and solutions.

Generic Application Error

This error is a generic application error that is preventing the game from starting up.
Unfortunately, the game doesn't provide specific information about the exact cause, but usually the most common causes can be:

  • Detection of a rooted/jailbroken device (The most common cause in Android devices).
    • Android developer mode can possibly trigger this error as well.
  • Phone hardware cannot support the game.
  • The game was not properly installed. Reinstalling the game may solve the issue.

Generic Communication Error

This error may appear spontaneously upon any action that results with communication with the Uta Macross server.
Usually in this case the player is playing with an unstable connection or the game client/device may have bugs that makes consistent communication with the server difficult.
The player can click on the Retry option on the right to redo the server request or press the Cancel button on the left to go back to the title screen.