Dramatic Mid-air Rescue

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Dramatic Mid-air Rescue
Episode Plate Info
Episode Category Minmay And Their Encounter
Unlockable VF-1J (Hikaru)
Attribute Love.png Love
Stat Distribution High Soul, Support, and Fold Waves
Note Boosts None
Center Skill Total Up
Active Skill Recovery
Live Skill Score Up
Availability Deculgacha
Compatibility Freyja
Macross Episode Info
Series Super Dimensional Fortress Macross
Episode # 2 - Countdown
Timestamp N/A

空中の救出劇 (くうちゅうのきゅうしゅつげき Kūchū no kyūshutsu geki Eng: Dramatic Mid-air Rescue) is a 5☆ episode plate depicting Hikaru's dramatic mid-air rescue of Lynn Minmay in the midst of a Zentradi attack.

Plate Info

Plate Stats
Total Soul Voice Charm Life Support Fold Wave Note Boosts Luck
Initial 1423 747 399 277 137 153 151 None 0
Max 3120 1646 871 603 289 153 151 None 25

Plate Skills and Ranking
Type Skills Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Center Total Up 10% 12% 14% 16% 20%
Active Recovery 25% life 30% life 35% life 40% life 50% life
Live Score Up 30% increase in 5 seconds 40% increase for 6 seconds 50% increase for 8 seconds 60% increase for 10 seconds 80% increase for 14 seconds
Live Skill Trigger
When 100 combo is achieved
Live Skill Compatibility
Freyja.png Kaname.png Basara.png Minmay.png

Episode Plate Summary
In the midst of battle with the Zentradi, Minmay ends up getting thrown mid-air. From the cockpit of the pluging VF-1, Hikaru desperately extends his hand.


After some quick defensive maneuvers and distractions from Roy, Hikaru was able to quickly pick up Minmay and fly away from incoming Zentradi units. After realizing that he should've had her enter the cockpit from that start since it had 2 seats, the arm of the VF-1 holding Minmay gets blown off by a stray missile. The impact sends Minmay into the air and some quick thinking allows Hikaru to rescue her before the worst possible outcome could have occurred.


A well-rounded 5☆ plate in terms of stats and a center skill that allows it to be a decent starting plate. However, it's Total Up values being weaker than other plates and Recovery active skill means that it won't last very long as a main center plate once players roll better ones. Luckily, this plate's high ranking Score Up skill allows it to still maintain a supporting role position in a players unit, where its high Support and Fold Wave stats can also make up non-Total stat deficiencies from other plates in the player's unit.