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Increasing song proficiency rewards the diva with experience. Enough experience levels up the diva.

Each diva has a quantity known as the diva level (歌姫Lv?) which can increase as you play the game [1]. Levelling up a diva can increase their six attributes; Soul, Voice, Charm, Life, Support and Fold Wave as well as unlock SNS chats that reward song crystals [2].

Song Proficiency

A given diva and a given song will have a quantity known as a song proficiency level (楽曲熟練度?) which ranges from 0 to 5 (MAX). Clearing live shows increases a divas song proficiency level [3], and does so by rewarding each diva in the unit with song proficiency points.

Proficiency Points

How many points the divas receive depends on the difficulty selected for the live show, the score, and sometimes an event [note 1][note 2]. A live show will reward base proficiency points depending on the difficulty:

Difficulty Base Proficiency
Easy 70
Normal 90
Hard 110
Very Hard 120
Extreme 180

The score is then divided by 10,000 and rounded to the nearest integer, this becomes the percentage the base score increases by e.g. a score of 75,000 on Very Hard yields 210 points. The center diva also receives 50% more points than the other two divas in the unit.

Proficiency Levels

Level Points needed to upgrade
0 150
1 500
2 2,500
3 6,000
4 13,000

Level 5 limits

For a given song and diva, in order build up the 13,000 points needed to go from proficiency level 4 to the maximum, level 5, there will be a counterpart song for which a counterpart diva must be have song proficiency level of at least 3. If the counterpart diva's proficiency level for the song isn't at least 3, the proficiency points bar for level 4 is locked. For each song page listed on this site, the counterpart song and counterpart divas are provided.


Every time a song proficiency level increases, the diva is rewarded with experience (経験値?). Experience increases in units of 10 and unlike song proficiency, it is unique to the diva.

Proficiency Change Experience Rewarded
0 to 1 10
1 to 2 20
2 to 3 30
3 to 4 50
4 to 5 100

Enough experience increases the diva level, resetting the value to 0. The experience needed to level up depends on the current diva level:

Diva Level Experience Needed
1 to ? ?
? to 13 70
14 to 23 100
24 to 28 150
29 or more 200

Increasing Attributes

Because each diva is unique, the attributes that increase (and how much said attributes increase by) are different with each level up [4]. Although any of the attributes may increase from the original ones they had at Lv.1, there are certain trends for each diva:

Freyja.png Freyja
  • Life Increases
  • Soul Increases
Mikumo.png Mikumo Attributes Balance
Kaname.png Kaname
  • Voice Increases
  • Support Increases
Makina.png Makina
  • Fold Wave Increases
  • Charm Increases
Reina.png Reina
  • Fold Wave Increases
  • Voice Increases
Ranka.png Ranka
  • Life Increases
  • Charm Increases
Sheryl.png Sheryl
  • Support Increases
  • Soul Increases
Minmay.png Minmay
  • Life Increases
  • Voice Increases
Basara.png Basara
  • Fold Wave Increases
  • Soul Increases
Mylene.png Mylene
  • Support Increases
  • Charm Increases


After reaching player rank 8, players will have the option to interact with the diva on the home screen to increase their affinity towards the player. As the affection level increase, divas will gain bonuses, unique interactions, and even character titles to show their dedication.

Filling The Affection Gauge

There are 2 primary methods to increase a diva's affection:

Home Screen Interaction

Players can increase a diva's affection by placing their finger over the home screen diva and holding it down until the diva reacts to the long press. The hand icon will display how many times a player can fill the affection gauge. The amount of presses will recover at a rate of 2 hours per press and players can store up to 5 presses. Each press will fill the affection gauge by 30 points for each press.


Once per day, players can give a gift to their home screen dive to greatly increase their affection. The home screen diva will also give the player hints on what kind of gift they desire based on 3 categories of gifts: ornaments, food, and recreation. Choosing the right gift will bestow a 50% bonus. Every diva also has a favorite gift that will always grant a 50% bonus regardless of what category the gift it is. It is possible for both the correct category and the favorite item bonuses to stack, so players should always try to hand out the correct gift to accelerate the affection level progression.

Currently, the available gifts to hand out to divas are given in the table below.

Icon Gift Base Affection Points Type Other notes
OrdinaryOrnament.png Ordinary Ornament 300 Ornament
SnazzyOrnament.png Snazzy Ornament 600 Ornament
DisgustinglyCuteGoods.png Disgustingly Cute Goods 1000 Ornament Ranka's favorite item
AromaGoods.png Aroma Goods 1000 Ornament Mikumo's favorite item
BiteSizedSnacks.png Bite-sized Snacks 300 Food
LargeSnacks.png Large Snacks 600 Food
SuperbSnacks.png Superb Snacks 1000 Food Kaname's favorite item
RawJellyfish.png Raw Jellyfish 1000 Food Reina's favorite item
Hotdog.png Hotdog 1000 Food Sheryl's favorite item
Pizza.png Pizza 1000 Food Mylene's favorite item
Curry.png Spicy Curry 1000 Food Basara's favorite item
NyanRamen.png Nyan-Nyan Ramen 1000 Food Minmay's favorite item
Apple.png Windermerean Apple 1000 Food Freyja's favorite item
IdeaNotebook.png Idea Notebook 300 Recreation
RareSoundtrack.png Rare Soundtrack 600 Recreation
ValkyrieFigure.png Valkyrie Figure 1000 Recreation Makina's favorite item
PremiumGift.png Premium Gift 2000 N/A Will always grant 2000 affection point regardless of what the diva desires.
Item is only given to Uta Macross Pass holders.

Gifting Hints

Audio Cues
Diva Ornament Food Recreation
  • Sou yane...
  • Soun de...
  • You wakarane...
  • Tokorode...
  • (sighing)
  • (groaning noises)
  • (groaning noises)
  • (sighing)
  • Doushita iinyaro..
  • Tokorode...
  • e...
  • Kyou mi bukai wa ne...
  • Sou ne...
  • Sou yo ne...
  • (giggling)
  • Sou ne...
  • Dou shiyokashira...
  • (giggling)
  • Tanoshijae imasho...
  • Fushigi yo ne...
  • (giggling)
  • Tokorode...
  • Komatta wa...
  • Ara...
  • (sighing)
  • Sou ne...
  • mmmmm...
  • Tokorode...
  • Wakaru wakaru!
  • mmm mmm!
  • Sou da yo ne!
  • Hai hai!
  • Rei Rei...
  • (sighing)
  • (alternate sighing noises)
  • Mmmmmm...
  • Tokorode...
  • Sorede...
  • Dakedo...
  • Sorekara...
  • Touzen...
  • Sou...
  • Mou...
  • Nayamashi...
  • (sighing)
  • Sorede...
  • Sou da yo ne...
  • Mmm mmm!
  • ...Etto sono...
  • Dou nano kana...
  • Demo...
  • Doushiyo...
  • ...Etto...
  • (sighing)
  • Sou ne...
  • Tokorode...
  • (giggling)
  • Chotto ikashira...
  • Dakedo...
  • Demo...
  • Komattawane...
  • ne!
  • Sou ne...
  • Dakedo...
  • Yoku wakkanai wa...
  • Tanoshi wa ne...
  • ne ne!
  • (soft giggling)
  • Tokorode...
  • Sou ne!
  • ...oooh?
  • (sighing)
  • Odoroita?
  • Tanoshi wa ne...
  • (giggling)
  • (sighing)
  • ne!
  • Sou ne...
  • ne!
  • Doushimashou...
  • Chotto ikashira...

Affection Level Progression

The table below shows the amount of affection points needed to advance to the next affection level and level milestones.

Affection Levels
Level(s) Unlocked bonus Points to next level
1 10
2 New diva voice quote 70
3 120
4 150
5 New diva reaction 200
6 250
7 300?
8-9 350
10 Song exp bonus +3% 350?
11 500
12 Diva's Level 3 Valkyrie Operations 500
13-14 500
15 New diva voice quote 750
16-17 750
18 Diva's Level 4 Valkyrie Operations 750
19 750
20 Silver Diva Title 1000
21-23 1000
24 Diva's Level 5 Valkyrie Operations 1000
25 Song exp bonus +5% 2000
26-29 2000
30 New diva action 3000
31-34 ??
35 Song exp bonus +7% ??
36-39 5000
40 Gold Diva Title 6000
41-44 6000
45 Song exp bonus +10% 7000
46-49 7000
50 Rainbow Diva Title -


  1. e.g. from the Christmas Hesitation event until 2018/1/3 23:59, there was a "Strengthening Campaign" (育成強化キャンペーン?) that awarded a extra points (equal to the base points for the selected difficulty) after each live show is cleared. The center divas did not receive 50% more of this bonus as these bonuses occurred after the normal points calculation but prior to gaining experience and levelling up.
  2. Divas also get a boost if the game is played on their birthday