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This page contains common error messages and solutions.

Generic Application Error

This error is a generic application error that is preventing the game from starting up.
Unfortunately, the game doesn't provide specific information about the exact cause, but usually the most common causes can be:

  • Detection of a rooted/jailbroken device (The most common cause in Android devices).
    • Android developer mode can possibly trigger this error as well.
  • Phone hardware cannot support the game.
  • The game was not properly installed. Reinstalling the game may solve the issue.

Generic Communication Error

This error may appear spontaneously upon any action that results with communication with the Uta Macross server.
Usually in this case the player is playing with an unstable connection or the game client/device may have bugs that makes consistent communication with the server difficult.
The player can click on the Retry option on the right to redo the server request or press the Cancel button on the left to go back to the title screen.

Error and Net Code List

The full list of known error codes can be found here. While not all errors that appear to the player will list the code number, this list may give a hint on what kind of issue they are facing and whether they can do something about it. Some of these error codes share the same format as typical HTTP errors.

API Error and Net Codes
Error Code (API) Error Code (HTTP/Other) Error description Notes
5 401 UNAUTHORIZED The player does not have the privileges to perform a certain action. Whether the player will ever see this error is unknown.
6 403 PERMISSION_DENIED An attempt on an action was denied. It is possible this error code is purposely given to users with rooted devices.
7 404 RECORD_NOT_FOUND Player's attempt to access certain data yielded no results. Whether the player will ever see this error is unknown.
8 10001 SERVER_ERROR The server reported an error. Most likely used internally by DeNA and will never be seen by the player.
9 10002 NETWORK_UNAVAILABLE Most likely the error seen by players with connection issues.
10 10003 MISSING_DATA When the game detects that you need to update or download data.
11 10004 INVALID_DATA In the rare case the player's data is corrupted.
12 10005 UNKNOWN_ERROR Used to report errors that are not associated with any of the other listed errors. Players who notice their issue isn't related to any other error on this list should contact DeNA support immediately.
13 10006 PARSE_ERROR Something was failed to be read by the game. Players will likely never encounter such an error unless they illegally modify their app data.
15 10008 NO_CONSUMER_KEY The game has detected that the player is not logged into their App Sore/Google Play accounts.
16 10009 MOBAGE_NOT_INITIALIZED The game has detected a fresh installation and needs to download initial assets.
17 10010 SERVER_UNEXPECTED_RESPONSE Generic networking error
28 40001 BANK_ERROR_INVALID_STATE_TRANSITION Something went wrong with attempting to make an in-app purchase or acquiring Song Gems. Player should contact support immediately.
30 40003 BANK_ERROR_GET_ITEM_FAIL Potentially the error when the purchased item failed to deliver to player. Player should contact support immediately.
31 40004 BANK_ERROR_PURCHASE_FAIL Potentially the error when the game detects a failure in payment from the App Store/Google Play. The user's payment was likely denied by their financial institution.
32 40005 BANK_ERROR_CREDIT_FAIL The game is likely reporting an error with the credit card linked to the player's App Store/Google Play account. The card is likely expired, inactive, or contains the wrong information.
34 40007 BANK_ERROR_PROCESS_FAILURE Potentially the error returned if there are issues with the App Store or Google Play themselves.
43 70004 FACEBOOK_INVALID_SESSION Potentially an error where the user is successfully able to log in, but access for Uta Macross to access the user's Facebook profile has been denied
44 70005 FACEBOOK_ERROR Game is reporting an error from Facebook itself.
47 80001 LOGGED_IN_WITH_A_DIFFERENT_USER The player is attempting to access an account that has already been migrated to another device.
109 SERVER_DOWN Likely the error associated with maintenance and sudden outages
110 UPGRADE_REQUIRED When the game forces the player to update the version of the app
112 AGREEMENT_NEEDED For starting players or other players who have yet to agree to the game's Terms of Conditions and Privacy Policy
400 BAD_REQUEST The same error as a HTTP 400 error. Players who encounter this error have some sort of connection issue.